Home Is Where Our Story Begins
A warm bath, a cozy bed, your comfort spot must be clean and delightful. Come cuddle your home.
“CuddlePlushy is a family owned operated business dedicated to providing top quality home and bath products to everyone at an affordable price.”
-By Founder & CEO
Our Inspiration
To us, home, is not just a simple shelter, but a place for memories and comforts.
To create a space where we feel at peace, where we can build memories with those we love the most, where we feel protected and cozy becomes the inspiration for our brand. we call this feeling CUDDLEPLUSHY.
Our Honest Price
We are a factory-direct company, with no middleman, we are able to create sumptuous products that worth, while keeping our costs down so that all of our clients can benefit from an exquisite product line while staying within their budgets.
Our Materials
We use 100% certified pure organic cotton. No toxins, dyes, or synthetic fibers. What that means? Softer than soft organic clean products with superior quality. LEARN MORE
Our Principles
Keep it clean, keep it simple, keep it comfortable. The highest quality bath and home product are worth so more when they are made to used everyday.