Cotton: More Than Just Organic

Certified organic cotton fibers so soft you’ll get that fresh-from-the-dryer feeling, every time.

At CuddlePlushy, 83% of our products are made from organic cotton which becomes the main fabric we offer. Our promise is to provide safe, clean home and bath products-for everyone.
Why Pakistan Cotton?
Good towel starts from good cotton. Our cotton is sourced from Pakistan-grown fields without using toxic pesticides or fertilizers, free from genetic modification, and doesn’t use irrigation (only rain water).

12 Hours of Full Sunshine*
Flourishes better and good for boll production and maturing. Hand-picked to ensure purity.

Plush Long-staple Cotton*
The longer the cotton fiber, the stronger, softer, and more durable the resulting fabric

Hollow Fiber Permeability*
Close fiber arrangement and hollow structure makes better permeability.
Quality Matters
It’s all in the details. Keep it clean, keep it simple, keep it comfortable. Top OEKO certification guarantees our towels non toxic and chemical free.

Spiral Design*
Twisted yarn weave for maximum durability, softness, and lint free

More Moisture-sucking Loops Per Inch*
Thorough steaming sets the color & Colorfast after extensive laundering

Quick Drying*
Proprietary technology dries 3x faster than average towels
We Care About You
Natural and mostly undyed cotton only. We use a natural, and mostly undyed cotton that is pure and biodegradable to make most of our collections. If it has to be dyed, only nontoxic AZO-FREE dyes are used in our products.

Improved Reactive Dye*
Speed the dyeing process while using 90% less water, 75% less energy, and 90% fewer auxiliary chemicals.

Good Color Fastness*
Thorough steaming sets the color & Colorfast after extensive laundering.

Natural Color Uniformity*
Each product color presents naturally.
Our Manufacturing
Employing strict international standards, all our products are sustainably sourced, and humanely made.
Our collections are crafted to make you feel incredibly comfortable in your most intimate space — the bathroom. Always organic, free of toxins and made with long-lasting quality.
Raw Materials
Quality Control
We know that as we make improvements, we will always encounter new challenges, and we believe it will forever offer us room to change and grow. We are committed to never stopping questioning ourselves, innovating, and developing new solutions to be more responsible for the planet.