What Is Your Towel Personality?

What Is Your Towel Personality?

Choosing a towel is a personal decision. Finding the right color, fabric, and feel to match your skin and style will ensure you're pleased with your bathroom essentials for years to come. That's why CuddlePlushy has taken special consideration in offering a variety of luxury bath towels for your best fit–your towel personality. To make your bath time go more comfortably, we rounded up a series of towels for your selection.


Our Organic Luxe Bath Towel, very soft, everyday towel, available in 3 colors. This towel has a medium-density and is our most absorbent weave. At 560GSM, they have a lighter construction than the Super Plush. Their mid-plushness makes them a super versatile kind of towel that is easy to care for and even easier to fold and store away. This is the kind of towel that holds you down during your busy week.


Our Diamond Bath Towel, fastest drying towel, available in 3 colors. Even though this is our thinnest towel, we didn’t compromise on softness here. This towel is airy and fast-drying. Like the rest of our towels, it’s made from 100% Pakistan Cotton so, at 525GSM, it holds a subtle plushness that still delivers cozy, breathable comfort. This is the kind of towel that’s eager to get the job done. 


Our Hooded Baby Towel, incredibly absorbent, dries fast and naturally antibacterial towel. Designed with the minimalist in mind, the bamboo is plush, lush, and perfectly balanced. Using 100% bamboo fiber material, this towel has a finer molecular structure. It is antibacterial, odor proof and has good air permeability. In addition, bath time just got cuter thanks to its two little bear's ear! Keep your little one warm from head to toe while transitioning from bath to bed with our soft, lightweight Hooded Baby Towel.