Eight Popular Bathroom Design Styles-II

Eight Popular Bathroom Design Styles-II

Here is the follow-up of last passage.


  1. Rustic

    Rustic bathrooms embrace the natural beauty of the outdoors, pairing rugged materials with warm, cozy textiles to create a welcoming space. Today’s interpretation of the look can lean more (or less) contemporary depending on your personal design sensibility.

    Key features of rustic-style bathrooms:
  • Wood or wood-look vanity
  • Vessel sinks made from stone or copper
  • Natural stone counters, floors and wall treatments
  • Copper bathtub, Japanese-style soaking tub or classic claw-foot
  • Hardware in weathered finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze, antiqued brass or hammered copper
  • Warming details such as kilim rugs and filament bulb vanity lights

Color palette: Rustic-style bathrooms echo the hues of natural materials such as stone and warm woods with paint colors and accents in similar shades, for a rich, cozy look.


  1. Industrial

    Inspired by factories and warehouses, industrial-style bathrooms are simple, utilitarian spaces where raw materials and tough fixtures and finishes take center stage. Favoring practical, hard-wearing surfaces, industrial bathrooms find beauty in the way things work rather than in surface ornamentation.

    Key features of industrial-style bathrooms:
  • Glass-and-steel shower enclosure
  • Raw materials such as concrete, stainless steel, brick and cinderblock
  • Trough and basin sinks
  • White subway tile
  • Hefty sliding doors
  • Exposed pipes and gear-like hardware and faucets

Color palette: The raw materials used form the foundation of the color palette in an industrial-style bathroom, with an occasional pop of saturated color.


  1. Beach

    Beach-style bathrooms are light and airy, with a focus on natural materials, coast-inspired colors and a casual, easygoing mood. Beach bathrooms can lean traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between — the important thing is to keep the mood relaxed and breezy.

    Key features of beach-style bathrooms:
  • Bold tile
  • Spacious shower
  • Textured elements such as pebble tile, weathered wood and mother-of-pearl
  • Wall paneling
  • Statement wallpaper
  • Accents in breezy coastal colors

Color palette: Beach bathrooms use colors inspired by the sand, sky and sea to create a sense of place. Crisp white paired with seaside blue is a popular palette, though it’s certainly not the only option. For a more vibrant take, look to leafy greens and bold corals inspired by the tropics.


  1. Mediterranean

    Mediterranean bathrooms emphasize natural materials like wood, brick and stone for a casually elegant, earthy look inspired by sun and sea. While Mediterranean-style bathrooms can incorporate contemporary touches, the focus is on classics that have stood the test of time.

    Key features of Mediterranean-style bathrooms:
  • Ornate lighting
  • Colorful tile
  • Burnished metals such as hammered copper, wrought iron, oil-rubbed bronze and antiqued brass
  • Statement mirror
  • Whitewashed walls
  • Vessel sinks in rounded and organic shapes

Color palette: Rich hues inspired by the warm earth and sparkling sea look striking in a Mediterranean bathroom, especially against a calming backdrop of white and natural wood.